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Five Top best websites!

Here i have listed the top five best websites that one must know before 2019.These five top best websites will help you in your everyday to solve simple problems. So, before any further delay lets get started.

1. PDF Drive

best websites

At Number one we have the PDF Drive.


Everyone loves books.Students, teacher, scholars all love books and me also. So, there should be a source which must provide free books.When i was unknown to this website i had trouble finding books of different genres at a single place. This website solves the problem.I know that’s difficult in physical form but here is an amazing platform where we can find free pdf books by any author. Isn’t it amazing? Now you can Read Free books and complete your assignments without having trouble.


2. Instructables

best websites

At Number two in the list of five best websites we have

This is a very amazing website especially for children and kids. This is just amazing. Anyone can learn anything here.  DIY projects can be made using this website. Even you can build something useful for yourself. It has many categories for example

It has a simple interface and design that is interactive to everyone.


3. Gravit Designer

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Now now, this is something worth seeing. A cross-platform for designing and making your life colorful for free.That is something. This website is one of the best websites i know because it solves a major problem. As a student i have to switch between different operating systems like Ubuntu(Linux),Windows etc. So, i need a software that runs on every operating system. Gravit Designer has made it possible for everyone. This is not useful for big projects but still it solves the problem. The best feature of this website is the simple interface and it’s free to use also.


4. Gwiki

best websites gwiki

Have you ever copied something from Wikipedia or any other website? Then you already know that how hard it is to remove all the hyperlinks and other text formats. Many times we have to do it one by one which is very time taking process and boring also. So, don’t work hard, work smart and use Gwiki. The best website to remove hyperlinks and other text formats. You will surely thank me after using this. It is completely free and very easy to use.

here the Link:

5. Da Font

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Have you seen amazing font styles on any document or in a game? Here you can find any font for free. This is the best website to download free fonts.Downloading a font while developing something a game or a website is a big problem but don’t worry. Dafont is the best website for downloading fonts and finding alternatives of fonts also.


6. Techmenology | Bonus Website

And Of course this amazingly awesome website which have super techy stuff that you must follow is here. You can tell your computer problems here, read blog and also learn new things. So stay tuned and let me know what do you want to read next?


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