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PUBG(Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds)

PUBG(Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds) is an online multiplayer game that is most played game of 2018. It is very popular now a days.Therefore, it’s getting more famous and famous in days. It is becoming an addiction to gamers and have encouraged many people towards gaming. The best and the most useful feature of this game is  that it uses very low sim data to run and runs on most of the new smartphones.

Here are some amazing features that should be in PC version

  • Automatic Sprinting
  • Automatic Upgrade Looting
  • Bots
  • Log-In Bonuses
  • Missions

System requirements

Those hoping to play PUBG Mobile on an Android device will be happy to learn that over 500 Android phones are compatible. You’ll just need to ensure that the device is running 5.1.1 Lollipop or later, and rocks at least 2 GB RAM.



It’s growing more and more nowadays. PUBG comes in two versions  PC & Mobile. The PC version is quite heavy and runs with Steam.  And most importantly the PC version is not free to play.

It costs almost 30$ to install it. But now we have an alternative way to play PUBG mobile on PC.

You can install and play PUBG mobile on PC by following these steps;

Step 1:

Click here to Download Tencent’s Gaming Buddy emulator

PUBG(Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds)

Step 2:

Now the downloading will be started. It’s an 8 mb file so you can easily download it.After downloading it, install the downloaded .exe file.

PUBG mobile
PUBG(Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds)

Step 3:

Now run Tencent’s Gaming Buddy it will automatically download the PUBG which is approx. 1.5 GB.

Pubg mobile

An icon like this will show up on your desktop. Now run it, play it and enjoy 😊

If you have any problems installing this, tell me about it in comments.

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