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Airdroid is a fast and a free android app that makes it possible for you to handle your android devices (phone/tabs) using a web browser that is all at one spot. Airdroid is available for Android,Mac, and PC and on web that helps you to do all these stuff without getting frustrated:

Want to transfer files from mobile phone to your PC requires a USB cable which is sometimes not available just use Airdroid and transfer things on and off without cable even if the device is not nearby(a one less cable), or you’re using your laptop and at the same time you want to send a message from your cellphone i.e. managing big and small screen together seems hectic so use Airdroid and you don’t need to use both screens just use one big screen i.e. imaged on a large computer screen you are concentrated on(a one less screen) ,or unfortunately lost your cellphone don’t need to worry about personal data just locate and lock your Android and if you can’t get it back simply remove all data(a one less worry).Airdroid is providing you all these features so that you can stay dynamic and only thing you need to do is to make an account using your email address.

And best of all is that it’s safe to use as any other device connections over the internet and yes it’s completely free to use.

Airdroid | Installation

  • Go to the android play store: and download the Airdroid App.
  • The process is very simple now, you just have to run the services

So Airdroid is the latest and best approach for you to access your android device from your PC and laptop computers.

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